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Harmony of understanding


One of the main advantages of language school Literra is languages study under our author method presenting communicative and training approaches of education. We don’t use any ineffective approaches of study and we provide an education process guaranteeing 100% result on the first lessons. The principle of this approach is 90% of lesson time is devoted to speaking activity and lexis and grammar lessons are taken separately with obligatory practice of theory in communicative situations, role plays and dialogues. Real life situations practice in a learned language without any frames and limits instead of endless retelling! Situation dialogues and interpreting practice instead of boning up on grammar patterns!

The main zeal of our teaching method is our out-of-class lessons where students practice new lexis and grammar material, e.g. at a railway station, in a shop, at an airport, in a bank, in a café, etc. One more zeal is our devotion to own author method materials instead of standard educative materials. The main requirements of our method program are home works, attendance control, performance control (control works) every 8 lessons and teaching quality control. The best proof of success of our author method of teaching is hundreds of students having completed language courses in our school who could prove their high level of a language knowledge.