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Spanish course


If you’re going to have a free test or trial lesson, please kindly send your request to: info@literra.com.ua


Spanish language course is our specialty. Our professional Ukrainian teachers provide Spanish individual and group lessons in Kiev. We teach Spanish language, this leading and popular one, on the basis of our author communicative and training method focusing on 90% of total in-class time speaking.

The full course of our Spanish study has 5 levels in total: Elementary, Pre Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced.

On the Elementary level within 3 months our students will have all necessary grammar and lexis enabling to speak about some general without any problems with Spanish native speakers. On the Pre Intermediate level students of our language school Literra do a lot with complicated grammar and lexis, like business talks, economy, Internet, medicine, culture, history and traditions of Spain, etc. This level lasts 3 months too. On the Intermediate level within 3 months our students proceed improving their Spanish language knowledge by spending much time on learning gerund, infinitive, passive voice and many other patterns. Special lexis topics are taken by students on this level. On the Upper Intermediate and Advanced levels which last 4.5 months each students work a lot with grammar and lexis materials required for perfect Spanish speaking.

Our Spanish study both in groups and individual lessons involves grammar and lexis and, besides, audio and video activity focused on improving your Spanish knowledge. All tutorial copies are given to Literra students free of charge! Each 8-th lesson in group or individual lesson control works are carried out to check level of performance of students’ Spanish. Literra Spanish language lessons take place in mini-groups (4-6 students) and in private individual lessons in Kyiv. On completing each level of Spanish we give certificates of attendance to our students which confirm their level of knowledge of this fascinating language.