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Harmony of understanding

French course

If you’re going to have a free test or trial lesson, please kindly send your request to: info@literra.com.ua

French language course is our specialty direction. Our professional Ukrainian teachers provide French lessons in Kiev. We teach French language, this extremely romantic and beautiful one, on the basis of our exclusive author communicative and training approach devoting about 90% of total lesson time to speaking.

The full course of our French course composes of 5 levels: Elementary, Pre Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced.

On the Elementary level within 3 months you’ll have all essential grammar and lexis patterns enabling you to speak about some general and basic topics without any mistakes and understand native speakers without problems. On the Pre Intermediate level you’ll do a lot with complicated grammar and lexis topics, like business, economy, Internet, medicine, culture and history of France, etc. This level lasts 3 months too. On the Intermediate level lasting for 3 months our students improve their French language knowledge spending much time on gerund, infinitive, passive voice and many other things of this kind. Special lexis topics and discussions are involved in this level. On the Upper Intermediate and Advanced levels lasting 4.5 months each our students deal a lot with grammar and lexis material necessary for fluent and rich French speaking.

Our French study both in groups and French individual lessons covers both grammar and lexis and, in addition, audio and video activity designed to improve understanding French native speakers. All educational copies and printouts are given to our school students free of charge! Each 8-th lesson in each group or individual lesson control works are carried out by teachers to check level of performance of their French. Our French language lessons take place in mini-groups (4-6 students) as well as in private lessons in Kyiv. After completing each level of French course we provide certificates of attendance to all our students that confirm level of knowledge.French courses