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Harmony of understanding

English course

If you’re going to have a free test or trial lesson, please kindly send your request to: info@literra.com.ua

English courses is our specialty. They’re provided by both Ukrainian specialists and experienced native speakers from the USA, UK and other countries. Our English lessons are taught on the basis of our author communicative and training system devoting 90% of lessons to speaking practice.

The full course of English composes of 5 levels: Elementary, Pre Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate та Advanced.

On the Elementary level within 3 months you’ll get all necessary grammar and lexis to speak about some general and household topics without mistakes and understand native speakers on this scope. On the Pre Intermediate level you’ll get to know many grammar patterns and get acquainted with a wide range of speaking topics, like economy, business, Internet, etc. It lasts 3 months too. On the Intermediate level during 3 months you’ll master your English level studying gerund, infinitive, passive voice and a lot of special lexis. On the Upper Intermediate and Advanced levels lasting 4.5 months each you’ll take a lot of material necessary to speak fluent English.

 Besides taking grammar and lexis on our English lessons we offer audio and video activity aimed to improve skills of understanding native speakers. All copies and printouts and audio and video copies are given free to students. Every 8 lessons we control level of knowledge by writing control works. We give lessons in mini-groups (4-6 students) as well as individually. After each level we issue certificates of attendance to each student confirming students’ international levels.