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Police clearance certificate proceeding in Kiev


If you need a police clearance certificate, we kindly offer you the easiest and fastest way to get it at a less cost in Kiev!


Proceed your police clearance certificate in Ukraine in just 3 steps:

1.      Send us your passport copy (for Ukrainians) or international passport (for foreigners) and indicate where your certificate will be submitted to further.

2.      Pay in the most convenient way: cash or non-cash, bank transfer, etc. You may get all payment details after applying to our specialists by phone or e-mail.

3.      Get your ready police clearance certificate at the fixed time in our office and order express delivery worldwide.   

Cost of police clearance certificate proceeding in Kyiv depends on its terms:

- One business day – USD 35.00

- Three business days – USD 27.00

- Five business days – USD 23.00

- Twelve business days – USD 20.00.

You may also need legalization or apostille stamp, which you can order in our company:

Police clearance certificate is issued by Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kiev for Ukrainian and other nationals irrespective of their registration on the territory of Ukraine or abroad. For foreigners it’s necessary to provide us with a copy of the international passport (to be translated into Ukrainian) and transliteration of name and surname in Ukrainian.

In addition, our center proposes the full range of services which may be necessary when proceeding police clearance certificates, namely translation and notary certification of translations, apostille and legalization formalization in ministries and embassies and consulates in Kyiv.