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Preparation of documents for WES, ICAS in the USA and Canada, Evaluation of education diploma.

If you decide to immigrate to the USA or Canada, to find employment in these countries or to receive education using educational documents issued in Ukraine, you will need to conduct a procedure for their recognition (nostrification, valuation) in WES (World Education Services) .The diploma is awarded in USA or Canada, but preparation of the package should be done in Ukraine in Kiev, in order to be able to submit it to the above-mentioned structures.

How to start the package design for WES:

Register on the site https://www.wes.org/ and in the "Have a questions" chat, specify the necessary information which documents in your particular case should be prepared.
You will need to obtain a registration number for which to pay on this site.
Fill in the application form, which must necessarily enter the registration number, which you will be given after payment on the WES website.

What documents are needed for WES and ICAS?

As a rule, diplomas and supplements to them are being prepared. It can be a diploma of a specialist, a master's degree, a bachelor's degree, etc. For example, you can apply for a bachelor's degree with an application, as well as a master's diploma with the application, while the additional payment for the second document will be significantly less when filed with the Ministry of Education.

What is the price of processing a package of documents for WES and ICAS?

The cost of processing one package for WES USA or Canada (diploma with the application) - 1450 UAH. for an additional diploma with the application it will be necessary to pay another 500 UAH.
The cost of preparing the package for ICAS is 1650 UAH. the cost of additional payment for an additional diploma is the same - 500 UAH.

What is the time frame for WES and ICAS packages?

Preparation for WES will take 10 - 30 working days, depending on the documents, their year of issue. It is also worth adding time to stamp Apostille, if the documents are prepared for the United States. And also time for translation and notarization.
ICAS - 30 working days.

Do I need an apostille for a diploma for WES and ICAS?

Depending on the country for which you are preparing the documents. For the United States, it is required to place an apostille on the original diploma and application. For Canada, an apostille is not required. she is not a signatory to the Hague Convention.

Do you need to translate documents when sent to WES or ICAS?

WES, ICAS do not translate documents. Because it will be better to invest in the package of notarized translations into English.

Do you need originals or copies?

The above-mentioned structures do not return the originals of documents, therefore there is no point in sending them. Preparation of the package is carried out by the information and image center of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the package is accepted only in the whole unopened form, therefore it is necessary to treat it extremely carefully with self-dispatch.