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Harmony of understanding


Why should I need nostrification?

If you’re a foreigner, non-resident of Ukraine, and you’d like to use your education documents on the territory of Ukraine then you’re obliged to have nostrification in Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine.


What should I have for nostrification procedures?

document legalization of both original and notarized copy in the country of issue: consular legalization, apostille stamping, translation and notary certification;

- original and notarized copy of a legalized copy of a supplement to education documents together with notarized translation into Ukrainian;

- notarized power of attorney in favor of our employee;

- bearer’s passport copy;

- certificate from educational establishment where education is obtained (optional);

- ID code;

- documents copies about previous education;

- document copy about surname change (if it’s available).


         All the procedures related to nostrification of educational documents are taken place in Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine located in Kyiv, Ukraine. After completing these procedures an applicant receives a certificate confirming recognition of his diploma by Ukraine.