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Consular legalization for the UAE

Consular legalization of documents for the United Arab Emirates in Ukraine is popular for several reasons. For private individuals, this is an opportunity to have a good rest with quality service, as well as find a highly paid job or get a prestigious education, and for organizations - to establish economic ties and search for new partners and markets. To implement such tasks, it will be necessary to use a number of documents, which, in turn, will need to be legalized for the possibility of their use in the UAE.
Literra Center has been working in the sphere of legalization since 2008. During this time we optimized the processes and can provide this service at the lowest price in Kiev and the shortest possible time:
Ministry of Justice + Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
For individuals:
390 UAH. - 6 workdays. days
 450 UAH. 3 rab. day.
For legal entities:
580 UAH. 6 working days
720 UAH. 3 rab. day.
Consulate OAЄ - from 1180 UAH.

What documents can be legalized for the United Arab Emirates:

For individuals:
Documents on education (certificate, diploma, application, extract, archive certificate, etc.);
Documents issued by the registry office (birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, divorce decree, etc.)
Notarial documents (powers of attorney, applications, etc.)
For legal entities:
Certificate of registration, charter, extract, certificates of origin and quality, licenses, certificates, contracts, contracts.

With what to begin work on legalization of documents for the UAE:

  • consultation with our specialist in a convenient way for you (phone, Skype, email, Viber)
  • drawing up a power of attorney for the Center's employee literra: notary (consular) for individuals., on the letterhead - for jur. persons.
  • we take care of all the following concerns: translation and notarization of the document into Arabic or English languages, depending on your wishes, legalization in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, at the consulate of the UAE in Kiev, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, payment of fees, registration of necessary applications.
For the UAE, legalization can be done both with the original document and with a copy, it all depends on the type of document, so all the design should start with a preliminary consultation, as described above.
For customers who are outside the territory of Ukraine and have a need to legalize their documents, it is possible to conduct the entire procedure remotely. To do this, you will need to apply to the consulate of Ukraine in the host country to issue a power of attorney to the employee of our company, send it to us, and then we take care of all the worries and return of the document.