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Consular legalization of documents for Italy

When planning a trip to Italy, or for stays in it, the citizens of Ukraine are faced with the necessity of the procedure of consular legalization of official documents issued by Ukraine for use in the territory of the above-mentioned state. Despite the fact that Italy is a member of the Hague Convention, the representatives of the various bodies may require you to not just put Apostille and legalized documents at the consulate. The most common is a request in the following cases:
 - Naturalization
- A residence permit
- employment
- family reunification
- training
- marriage
A trip with the kids, etc.

consular legalization procedure is performed as follows:

1. An apostille on the original document
2. Accredited Italian translation
3. Legalization in the Consulate of Italy
Consulate of the Republic of Italy is located in Kiev, respectively, the procedure is carried out in the same place, regardless of the region of issuance in Ukraine. For its implementation, we need the original documents if the documents of the registrar you old-fashioned, we can demand the certificate of birth, marriage, divorce new model, because Apostille can be put only on the original sample of the new document. The power of attorney in the name of an employee of our company, which itself will conduct the whole procedure, a copy of the passport document holder. for registration and information requirements for the power of attorney, you can check with our managers.
The most common subject of legalization of the following documents:
Birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate (court decision on divorce), educational documents, notary declarations, the court's decision, a certificate of good conduct, notarised power of attorney, etc.
If your goal is employment or training you may need Dichiarazione di valore. What is the procedure for legalization of documents for such purposes in the ministries of Ukraine and in the consulate of Italy.
Dichiarazione di valore for training: apostille on the original educational documents (certificate, diploma, applications), an accredited translation, verification at the consulate, the transfer of the consular department of the declaration (Dichiarazione di valore). It is important to note that the declaration itself in this case, is issued separately for each document (diploma, certificate, annexes)
Dichiarazione di valore employment: the procedure can be identical to that carried out for training except that the declaration is preparing a general, rather than on each document. Also, you may need this procedure to work books.

Important to know:

the legalization of documents Italian Embassy reserves the right to modify the list of required documents, as well as the very procedure of registration , periodically changing the fee charged is usually upwards in UAH equivalent.
It is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that when making the transfer to the Italian consulate requirement is the correct transliteration of names, rather than according to the travel document. If the names are translated in accordance with the passport, which in turn does not meet the correct transliteration of such a document at the Consulate can not accept. For example: Іvanov transliterated as Oleksandr Ivanov Oleksandr, there are cases when the passport or Set Ivanov Alexandr Aleksandr. In this case it is necessary to take the help from the Institute of linguistic expertise that is the same name, this information, in turn, also be subject to legalization.