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Legalization of documents issued by institutions of Ukraine to other countries

Legalization - term crocked enough, but not for all. What does it mean? This process of registration document so as to have the possibility of full legal use in another country. There is a simplified procedure for the legalization of documents - the certificate that belongs to the countries that have signed the Hague Convention of 1961. For other consular legalization of documents carried in ministries of Ukraine and consulates / embassies of the State. This feature is provided to Ukraine Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science. Also, it is worth noting the fact that the host structure may request from you consular legalization, despite the fact that the country takes apostille.

WHAT YOU need to find out, to start the process:

- The country for which the documents are prepared;
- What documents will be legalized;
- How will want to see this document to the receiving authority;
- Do I need to make an official translation.
Types of registrations may differ as to the requirements document. For example, the Chinese consulate in Kiev legalize as the original, notarized copy and translation of his own. While both the consulates of Italy (for example, take the birth certificate) will be required to document the new model because consular legalization is made by affixing a stamp apostille on the original document on the certificate translated in Italian by an accredited translator and only then legalized by the Consulate .
Before you start, especially if you are sending a document while abroad, be sure to check all the questions managers. List provided information and documents. It may be that previously required demanding evidence of the new model.

What should give us to get started:

1. Information - document for any country and any requirement for registration is the host structure.
2. The terms - a very important indicator, especially in already purchased tickets, the interview at the embassy, ​​which must necessarily be taken into account when planning the design, as is standard and urgent ways of consular legalization.
3. The power of attorney in the name of our company employees for the entire process, it looks like this:
4. originals or copies of documents subject to legalization and a copy of the passport.


Stamp legalization in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine - 175 UAH.
Legalization of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine - 175 UAH. 5 office. Days, 230 USD. - 2 office. Day.
Legalization in the Consulate of the country - from 300 UAH. according to the document, countries and urgency.

What do you get from cooperation with our company:

* Calm the result - successful work with this area since 2008;
* Single window - we will design the whole procedure, legalized in ministries and consulates in the country concerned, prepare accredited translation zavirymo notarized translation istrebuem new sample documents. That will allow you to save time and money without going to several organizations.
* Special conditions for customers outside Ukraine, document preparation turnkey without your personal presence, organization of receiving and sending courier companies, consulting in on line mode and informational support.
* Savings - extensive experience in this field allows the most efficient use of the time allotted to optimize the value of the entire process and provide the lowest price in the market these services.