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Consular legalization of documents for China in Ukraine, Kiev

It took hold consular legalization for China? Immediately raises a number of questions: where to start, where to go, what time, how much it costs? We will try to answer them the most concise and clear.

How to start design?

- Specify the region for which the documents are prepared. This is the primary issue, as Hong Kong and Macau make stamping aopstil, for the rest you need to legalize documents at the consulate.
- Contact the structure for which you are preparing documents and specify in what form they want to see them. Why? Ask you, is not it standard procedure? The fact that the Chinese consulate in Kiev legalize documents in a different design, both on the original and on the copy, with translation, and without it. Accordingly, their demands can be very different, so do not neglect this point, to avoid redoing and save yourself time, money and nerve cells.
- If required on the legalization of the original document (for example, birth certificates), and it is you have old-fashioned, or issued outside Ukraine (the consulate in the territory of another country) you'll need to request a certificate again.

What we need to get started:

1. Which document, and for which the region will be to cook it in China.
2. What are the requirements for registration have the host structure.
3. Is translation of the document is required and what language. For China, the translation can be used in the Chinese and English languages.
4. The power of attorney in the name of an employee of our company, if we carry out consular legalization or the discovery of documents in the registry office (not required for apostille). Important information: Before making the power of attorney is necessary to specify the pre-existence of assembly record to reclaim the registry office in the register (which you can send a request to our manager). Because without it we can not demand documents.

The list of documents that can be legalized by the Consulate of the People's Republic of China:

Documents relating to the judicial authorities:

- Notarized permission to leave the child;
- Power of attorney;
- A statement of marital status drawn up by a notary;
- Certified copies of documents;
- A copy of the court decision;
- Birth certificates, about marriage and divorce (divorce certificate, as they can serve a court decision on divorce;)
- death certificate;
- A certificate of change of name, surname, patronymic issued by the registry office.
Can legalize the originals and copies of documents. Because the procedure may be different itself.
Original print MIYUST + + + MFA press legalization at the consulate.
So notarial copies: MINISTRY OF JUSTICE certified translations + + + Foreign Consulate.

Educational documents:

Diploma, certificate, application, archive transcript, etc.
Requires, as a rule, in the event that if your goal for education or employment profile.
Performed as follows:
Translating, which is stitched to the notarial copies removed from the original document, and shall be certified by a notary. Then put the legalization of print in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, after the legalization of print in the Foreign Ministry and finally - legalize the consulate.

Documents from the Ministry of Internal Affairs structures, migration services, and health care in Ukraine:

- Certificate of no criminal record (issued by the Department of Information Technology at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine)
- A certificate of registration at the place of residence. It must be issued Migration Service
- A medical certificate, certified by the seal of the regional health department.


Price consular legalization:

Print Ministry of Justice - 175 UAH.
Print MFA - 175 UAH. 5 slave. Days. 250 UAH. - 2 working. Day.
Legalization in China's consulate in Kiev - 420 UAH. or 840 USD. (If the document at the reception will be rated as a commercial). Also there is an extra charge for urgency at the consulate, if necessary, more rapid clearance.
The full cost can be calculated by knowing the type of document and all of the requirements for registration put forward to him the host structure.