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Reclamation of the Certificate of birth in Ukraine, Kiev.

Given the fact that many of our citizens are at the hands of Soviet-style documents, we are often faced with the problem of the need to obtain a duplicate of the birth certificate of the new sample. How to act if you are faced with such a question? There are two options: the first - on their own, the second - with the help of specialists of our center. If you value your time and want to do things right from the first time - please contact us and we will gladly take on ourselves all the bureaucratic turmoil, waiting in queues, trips to the bank to pay the state fee, and several trips to the registrar. To begin reclamation procedures require notarised power of attorney in the name of one of our employees.
As in normal mode, or urgently to request a birth certificate?
If you are in Ukraine - go to a notary public for registration of power of attorney, if you want to follow the legalization, except apostille, it is better to specify this point in the document (power of attorney), then to do another one. Then you pass the document to our office in the city of Kiev on their own or through a courier service you comfortable.
If you are abroad - to apply to the Ukrainian consulate for a power of attorney, then sends it by means of courier or by registered letter to us, and we begin the procedure, after the readiness send the document back.
In both cases, please contact our managers by phone or e-mail.
The cost of obtaining a duplicate - 300 UAH. Taking into account the payment of state fees and commissions.
Most often, to request a duplicate may be required in the preparation of documents to the embassy or for submission to the foreign structure, in which case you may need to put an apostille stamp on the birth certificate. After that, it must be translated and notarized. All these services can be obtained at our center.
 Also here you can get a re-marriage certificate
Below is an example of re-issued documents: