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Claiming documents in Ukraine

                After the loss of the documents issued by the registry office, we have to learn - how to restore a certificate of birth, marriage or death? You have two options for solving this problem.
Get a birth certificate alone again. In this case, you should first contact the registrar on the telephone, to clarify the visiting days and times to not go in vain. Next, you need to serve a certain time in the queue, fill out the form to receive a duplicate of the marriage certificate (or other document for your case), pay a state fee in the bank branch, contact with the paid receipt to the office to start the requisition procedures come at a specified time to obtain the document. The procedure can take from several hours to several days, weeks.
Request Literra center professionals to get a marriage certificate (birth, death) again, or to request a certificate of good conduct. In this case, you need to issue a notary power of attorney in the name of one of our employees, everything else we do on their own. We can help you get duplicates of documents issued by any settlements of Ukraine, as well as carry out the complete document legalization procedure for any country in the world.
The cost of obtaining a duplicate is 300 UAH. Taking into account the payment of government fees, bank commissions and other payments.
If you have old-style documents, and registration is required for submission to the institution of another country, you can not accept them. In this case, there are two ways to solve this problem. The first - to legalize notarial copy of the old model, if this type of design suits the receiving side. Second - get a duplicate certificate of birth, marriage or death and have him conduct the procedure apostilled. With both versions of our company will help you in the shortest possible time and at the best price.
If you claim it document to another country, you may need to put apostille on the birth certificate. This you can do with confidence with our help, and to translate and notarize the translation, without contacting several companies to address all these issues. You do not like to complicate their lives, and to enter into an unequal battle with the bureaucracy and queues? Call for advice to our managers, we take all of these concerns over 044-587-76-56, 063-227-08-07.