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Harmony of understanding


Phonosemantic analysis of words

Linguistic center Literra offers you to enjoy a unique service on the Ukrainian market, phonosemantic analysis of a word. What does phonosemantic analysis mean? It means check of the meaning of some certain word or phrases in different languages, its perception by native speakers, emotions and assosiations arising when mentioned this exact word, analysis of words and phrases in foreign languages sounding or writing in a similar way.

Why should one have phonosemantic analysis of a word? To choose a name is really crucial for names of companies and commercial products. The dramatic example is bad experience of Mitsubishi with its Pajero on the market of Latin America. Pajero means a Spanish dirty word arising native speakers' negative associations and emotions only. This Japanese carmaker lost millions dollars due to that failure and now Mitsubishi Pajero in Latin America has the more melodious name Montero. That's why it's so important to conduct phonosemantic analysis of commercial names.

Our company is a real professional in phonosemantic analysis activity so we guarantee comprehensive and thorough analytical work.