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Harmony of understanding

Apostille on documents issued by the notary Ukraine, Kiev.

                               When preparing documents for travel abroad among them, often, there are documents issued by a notary, which is necessary to put an apostille in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in Kiev, translate them and notarized translation, for some countries is the procedure of affixing the double apostille. Among them: Italy, Israel, Austria, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Switzerland.
                Apostille can be put on the following documents issued by the notary: notarial statement to leave the child, notarial certificate of marital status, notarized copies of documents, translations certified by a notary.
                Describe the process of double Apostille for a common understanding. For example, you need to provide a certificate of good conduct to a foreign institution for travel abroad, employment, residence, or other purposes:

Issue a police clearence certificate;

We put apostille on police clearence certificate;

Translation and notarized translation
Becoming the second apostille.
The entire procedure takes about 5 - 10 days, a possible option urgent apostille on notary documents.

                How much is put Apostille on documents issued by the notary:


                For individuals - 190 UAH.


                For legal entities 250 UAH.

                To start the procedure you need to provide us with the original document or a notarized copy by contacting our office by sending a document by courier from any locality of Ukraine: Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Uzhgorod, Zaporozhye. You always have an opportunity to put an apostille, but to save your time, nerves and possibly redoing documents you much more convenient to turn to professionals.