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Apostille to the documents of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

When preparing documents for submission to the representatives of foreign countries, often requires preliminary proceedings legalization stamping apostille (for the countries signed the Hague Convention), depending on the country in which you plan to use the document.
You need to urgently put an apostille on the birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate, vityag, or other documents issued by the registry office? We put apostille on documents registry office for 1 slave. day! Previously on the document must bear the stamp of the Main Directorate of Justice of the area in which the document was issued.
We put Apostille on documents issued in any settlement of Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Lviv, Poltava, Zaporozhye, Uzhgorod and others.

The cost of the stamp Apostille - 170 UAH.

The cost of stamping the main Department of Justice - 170 UAH. (Kyiv region). In other cities - specify.

What is an apostille stamp and seal of the main department of justice on the birth certificate:
Apsotil on documents issued before 2003 and in the Soviet Union can only be put on the notary copies, but not always, the hosts can arrange this option. For putting on the original document to be issued after 2003 or need to take a duplicate, if the date of issue until the aforementioned period.
We accept documents from other cities for new mail, Ekspress mail or other way convenient for you. Payment can be made on the card or bank transfer Privatbank.