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Harmony of understanding




Our center offers you the widest range of textbooks, guides, exercise books, dictionaries, audio and video materials in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and other foreign languages in Kiev and other regions of Ukraine.

There’re the main advantages of cooperation with us: competitive prices, great stock program, delivery in Kyiv and across Ukraine, discounts and bonuses for our permanent clients.

We strongly recommend you the following textbooks and books in English published by Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Macmillan, Harper Collins, MM Publications for independent work and teacher’s activity: Cutting Edge, Headway, English for Life, English in Mind, English Unlimited, Face2Face, Just Right, Aviation English, English for Managers, Medical English, Murphy, Market Leader, English Result, English File, Business Result, Matrix, etc.

We strongly recommend you textbooks and books in German published by the world-wide known publishing house Hueber and some others: Schritte, Pingpong, AusBlick, Ziel, Deutsch lernen für den Beruf, Alltag.

We strongly recommend you textbooks and books in Spanish published by Edi numen і Edelsa. Here you’ll find these educational materials: Eco, Prisma, Pasaporte, Jóvenes, Chicos Chicas, Colega, Conversar es fácil, Entorno Empresarial, Nuevo Ven, Tiempo, etc.

We strongly recommend you textbooks and books in Italian published by the Italian publishing house № 1 Alma Edizioni. In our company you’re welcome to buy the following educational materials in Italian: Espresso, Chiaro, Domani, GrammaMia, Grammatica pratica della lingua italiana, I verbi italiani,  Italiano per economisti, Italiano per giuristi, Italiano per medici, Italiano per modo di dire, Le parole italiane, etc.

We strongly recommend you textbooks and books in French presented on the Ukrainian market by CLE International and Hachette. We have a huge base of French books and guides educated to French learning: Belleville, Festival, Taxi, Grammaire progressive du français, Point par point, Précis, Campus, Écho, Fluo, Communication progressive du français des affaires, Français.com