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Harmony of understanding

New signatories of the Hague Convention

The Hague Convention, under which member states take the official documents with the apostille stamp by the simplified procedure, in July-August 2016 has replenished with new members. At the moment, there are already 112 participants. The new Member States became Brazil, Morocco, Chile and Kosovo.
But in practice, not so simple. In particular this applies to Kosovo, the partially recognized by the world community as an independent state. Several countries, including Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Spain, Serbia, Israel has not recognized the independence of Kosovo, respectively apostille on documents from Kosovo are also not recognized by these countries. In this case, the legalization procedure. More optimistic The situation with the documents from Morocco, because currently only Germany does not recognize the apostille from the African country. And everything is absolutely perfect with the official documents of Brazil and Chile, due to the fact that none of the countries of the Hague Convention has not designated reservations for them.
Accession to the Hague Convention of Brazil, Morocco and Chile much easier life for everyone, who go to these countries to work or study. And now, instead of a more complex, lengthy and costly procedure of legalization is enough to put a stamp Apostille to a diploma and diploma supplement, certificate of good conduct (certificate of no criminal record), birth certificate / marriage / divorce, notarized declaration, power of attorney, the court's decision, a notarised copy passport, employment record, and many other documents.
Despite the fact that the procedure apostilled really more simple and straightforward than legalization, it also has many nuances and characteristics depending on the country in which the certified documents.