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Harmony of understanding

My story admission into a university in Poland

Finishes school years wonderful, and it's time to be determined with further steps into adulthood. To tell the truth, and the pitch was so clear, that admission to the university, left to decide which one. Predisposition defined in this direction have already had, to get higher education in Europe. Putting a lot of parameters, price, quality, distance from home, the prestige, I decided to focus on Poland. By selecting a specific school, I got in touch with them to clarify all my questions. After receiving a list of documents that I need to prepare, I did not realize that some words from it is, for example "Apostille". But as they say - "not all at once." As usual, Google has helped.
The list of required documents is as follows:
                - Vaccination;
                - School certificate with an apostille;
                - Annex to the certificate with an apostille (fortunately, at that time, I had already read that it is);
              - Polish translation and notarization of all these documents.
                And again I had to ask the all-knowing Google: How to put an apostille for Poland? He once gave me in the forefront of companies that are engaged in these services, basically - Translation Bureau. I still decided to further clarify - how to do this procedure yourself. Digging yes reflection, came to a simple inference that the cost difference is not so significant, and still, for an official translation with certification by a notary have to go to some office, I decided to do it once. After analyzing the market and reading reviews, I decided to go to Literra center. What, is forced to admit, I do not regret niskolechko. Do everything on time, transfer was made correctly, as far as I was able to check it out (for entry passed training courses of the Polish language to level B1). And the price was for the whole package 470 UAH. cheaper than a girlfriend, which made a similar procedure in another company (the office was next to her house).