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How to put an apostille for Switzerland in Ukraine?

Proper execution of documents depends on the correct approach. From our experience, it would be logical to build it as follows:
  1. Specified in the Swiss embassy in Kiev (or other host structures), exactly what you need to prepare the documents and on which official language they want to translate (German, French, Italian).
  2. Please contact our specialists for advice and clarification of the cost and timing.
  3. Convey to us the original documents (if required), convenient way: in the office, courier, mail.
  4. You get your documents completely ready for use in the country of destination.
Standard requested package usually includes the following documents: certificate of no criminal records, birth certificate, certificate of income, statement of account. If the purpose of your trip training or employment, you may need to put apostille on documents and also on education, such as - a certificate, a diploma supplement to it.
Why is this procedure is better to book with us?
  • Reliability - we work with this direction since 2008.
  • efficiency - we can offer both standard and urgent option
  • one-stop shop - we offer the whole procedure of registration: apostille, the official translation, and its subsequent certification by a notary.
  • the cost - we can offer the most affordable price for our customers from 190 UAH. apostilled one document! By consistently working team of our experts.
  • full clearance procedure without your personal presence, which will be especially convenient for people living outside of Kiev and Ukraine, and will allow you to save money on the move is not only a lot of money, but also time.
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Interesting information about Switzerland for citizenship, you need at least 12 years of residence in its territory, education, free of charge, including for citizens of other countries, with the exception of private schools. Several unusual for an untrained person can be met in the street with a civilian with a gun in his hand, yes, and this may well be because weapons after serving in the army is allowed to leave.
Below are examples of the documents for Switzerland: