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Apostille for China

Since the People's Republic of China is not a party to the Hague Convention, consular legalization procedure is carried out for her. But for the two regions, namely Hong Kong (Hong Kong) and Macau (Macau) stamped the apostille, China confirmed the convention for these regions from the date of their accession.. Previously, they were owned by Portugal and the UK and a member of the convention in their composition.

What we need to start registration:

1. Information: a document which region and in what form you need to prepare.
2. Timing: if there is a time limit (bought tickets assigned to a job interview at the embassy, ​​etc.), this should be reported prior to the procedure.
3. Send us the necessary procedures for apostille documents and make an advance payment / full payment.
4. Get ready document.
If you find that you require consular legalization for China, namely its mainland, and in this issue you can rely on the profile of our support specialists. For complete information on this area, you can get the link above.

The cost of the stamp Apostille for China:

MINISTRY OF JUSTICE - 175 UAH. from one working day.
MFA - 175 UAH. 2 working days.
The Ministry of Education and Science - from 260 UAH. from several hours.
Good to know: Apostille stamp may be placed both on the original document and its copy of the notary. be sure to conduct a preliminary consultation with our experts, is especially important for citizens to send documents from other regions and countries, before sending the original or a copy of our company. For stamping apostille power of attorney to an employee of our company is not required.

What documents are often subject to apostille for China:

From the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice:

1. Documents issued by the registry office: a birth certificate, a marriage certificate from the registry vytyag etc.
2. A notarized copy of the passport, certified translations, notarized copies of other documents.

Ministry of Education:

1. Passport
2. Diploma
3. Appendix
4. Curriculum
5. Archive statement, etc.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

1. Certificate of good conduct
2. Certificate of registration
3. Medical certificate.
We are working in this field since 2008, and continuously optimize the process for maximum customer satisfaction. Because, regardless of the complexity of the requirements, location and other factors safely consult our specialists, who will tell you the best option for resolving the issue as soon as possible and at the best price.