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Apostille for Germany on a diploma, certificate, application, certificate of birth, marriage and other documents in Kiev, Ukraine.

Check out the information on legalization of documents and how to put an apostille stamp in Germany. Despite the fact that Ukraine and Germany have long been signatories to the Hague Convention Apostille each other, they started taking recently.
When planning a trip to Germany, you are faced with the need to submit documents to the official authorities of the country. In such cases, you may need to prepare their translation, which is very often not enough and requires further action to give the status of the official documents, that is to legalize them. There are several ways how you can arrange them: convert and seal the translation, translated and notarized, consular legalization, apostille put strain.
Apostille document is normally held on the original document or a copy of the notary, the latter may not always be approved by the host structure, because such moments is important to specify to the transfer of the work.
In some cases, you may need apostilled: for admission to universities, employment, family reunification, marriage registration, residence permit, permanent residence, citizenship registration, contracts, participation in tenders and other aspects.
Apostille for Germany is placed on the following documents:
On education - certificate, diploma, application, archive transcript, an extract from the estimates;
Of the registrar - birth certificate, marriage, death, an extract from the register;
Medical certificates, certificate of good conduct,
Documents for legal entities - the statute, excerpt, certificate.
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Below are examples of instruments designed for Germany: