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How to put an apostille for the Czech Republic in Kiev, Ukraine

During the registration documents issued by the institutions of state bodies of Ukraine to the possibility of their use in the Czech Republic, you probably need to put an apostille stamp for further use. How is this procedure performed? It all depends on the documents that you need to provide. And you need to treat them in the Ministry of Ukraine. The most frequent request, especially for students is - to put apostille on the diploma application, archival information, certificate, an extract from the assessment, etc. apostilled in the Ukrainian Ministry of Education. The documents issued by the registrar's office or certified by a notary (vityag, power of attorney, certified translations, application) - feel free to contact the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, which affix the electronic Apostille in 2016. With a certificate of registration, place of residence, criminal record - please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
If you do not have the ability or desire to do the whole procedure with their own hands, seek detailed advice from our experts. We will help you to prepare the documents for the Czech Embassy, ​​translate them into the Czech language and notarized. If you have old-style documents, and legalization is required original Istrebuem copy of a birth certificate, a marriage registrar or other document for further Apostille.
Cost of the certificate - from 175 UAH. From 1 working day. Depending on the document, the Ministry, and on registration requirements for more detailed information on your specific case, please call or email.
Our company is engaged in registration since 2008, made it possible to turn out a stable program that allows you to quickly draw up the documents properly to avoid possible errors, redo, which in turn will help save time, money, and most importantly stay calm for the final result.
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                Below, you can see what it looks like an apostille on documents for the Czech Republic.